Tracing Wild,

Embracing Motion

Tracing Wild suggests an exploration into the untamed. It conveys the idea of delving into the wild, raw, and untouched elements of the natural world.

Embracing Motion conveys a sense of movement and dynamism. It implies a celebration of change, capturing the energy and flow of life itself.

Tracing Wild, Embracing Motion is an invitation to experience the fusion of these elements and engage with its evocative narrative. The untamed, raw beauty of nature melds with the dance of motion. Here lies a world where art becomes not a mere representation, but an exploration, a tracing of the wild, an embrace of dynamic life.

Through various mediums like drawings, spatial art, concrete, lasercutters, generational art, or code, the works trace wild, untouched landscapes, revealing a pure essence that brings nature’s mysteries to life. Embracing motion, the works become living portals of emotion, capturing the ceaseless dance of time and change. The collection stands as a multifaceted exploration of life’s perpetual dance, offering a unique perspective that speaks to both the heart and intellect. These abstract pieces offer an unveiling, a revelation. With inspiration found in the likes of a.o. Hans Hartung and Pierre Soulages, and a stylistic execution that transcends traditional barriers, this collection stands as a testament to human creativity and nature’s inexhaustible wonder. Explore it, engage with it, become part of the dance, and discover the harmony hidden in the intersection of wilderness and motion.

Endless lines, endless fascination

Fragile, pulsing with motion and vibration

It is the familiarity of the wild

and the promise of freedom

that draw me in.

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